Deebio Launches New Products Helping Stabilize Global Supply of Thyroid API

Issuing time:2021/7/7 11:31:41

Jul 07, 2021 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- Recently, another piece of good news comes from the Chinese bio-enzyme API industry. The first batch of thyroid API produced by Sichuan Deebio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been sent to the United States.

It is reported that the distributor of these products is MEDISCA, the top three largest pharmaceutical compounding company in the United States. Due to the long-term supply instability, MEDISCA has been seeking high-standard thyroid API manufacturers from around the world that are up to the FDA standards. After long-term communication and review, Deebio, known for its high-quality products, has successfully reached strategic cooperation with MEDISCA.

This cooperation, which has a positive impact on the supply of high-quality thyroid API in the United States, has made Deebio thyroid API manufacturer in China and one of the few thyroid API manufacturers in the world that can supply thyroid API up to the FDA standards.

Filling the Market Gap

The supply of thyroid API has remained unstable globally. Due to the extremely high requirements of animal-based thyroid API for safety and stability, a handful of manufacturers meet the high standards from raw materials to production. In addition, the shortage of pig-based materials that meet the extraction standards has resulted in insufficient supply of thyroid API.

Supply is short, but demand is urgent. According to the survey data released by WHO, the global incidence of thyroid diseases is as high as 20%, which has far exceeded that of diabetes and is on the rise. Compound thyroid medications are among the most commonly prescribed compound preparations, playing an irreplaceable role in the treatment of thyroid diseases.

The successful delivery of thyroid API this time has timely filled the demand gap in the global market. “Compounding pharmacists have worked for years to ensure the safety of thyroid API,” said Antonio Dos Santos, President and CEO of MEDISCA, “This cooperation brings MEDISCA a number of advantages, enabling us to deliver products of extremely high quality from trusted sources; what matters most is the reliability of supply.”

High Quality Standards

MEDISCA is extremely demanding of its suppliers. Due to the special properties of thyroid API, MEDISCA has placed more stringent requirements on the suppliers of such products in terms of quality, transparency, and even business reputation.

“Sichuan Deebio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is one of a small handful of manufacturers across the global that is capable of extracting thyroid and is a leader in upholding the high quality standards,” Antonio says.

Deebio is a advanced high-quality API company in China, with a deep accumulation of experience in production, management, technology and other aspects for 27 years. Since its foundation, Deebio has established a good reputation in the industry with high-quality products, a strong sense of honesty and integrity, and the pursuit of constant improvement. Its products are EU-GMP certified and Chinese GMP certified, and up to the FDA, PMDA and MFDS standards. It exports products to 30 countries, and is a long-term partner of Sanofi, Abbott, Novartis and other internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies.

Good past achievements have laid the foundation for the bright future of Deebio. Not content with the current conditions, it has made even greater efforts and investments to produce the thyroid API up to standards. It is not only strict with raw materials to guarantee product quality and stable supply from the source, but also invests in the construction of an advanced dedicated production workshop that is up to the FDA standards, so as to ensure that the whole production process from feeding, extraction to cleaning are fully enclosed and highly automated.

The birth and smooth delivery of the new variety of Deebio’s thyroid API was not accidental, but inevitable after strict adherence to high-quality standards and unremitting efforts.

Combining Strong Forces for a Win-win Future

"The driving force behind this partnership is a common commitment to our shared values. We move forward confidently and we will provide the pharmacists with a consistent supply of the highest quality at extremely competitive pricing." Antonio has great confidence in this cooperation and future development.

From the perspective of the thyroid API market in the United States, in this cooperation, Deebio provides MEDISCA with a stable supply of thyroid API reliable quality for the compounding and non-compounding industries in the United States, with its comprehensive strength of technology, management and production, plus its cooperation transparency and good business reputation. It also provides a guarantee to solve the problem of supply stability that is in urgent need in the U.S. market. As for Deebio itself, while adding a new product, it ushers in another improvement in its overall management and control level.

Innovation and development are the genes of Deebio's sustainable development. With the completion of the registration with MFDS and the submission of PMDA registration documents, Deebio will also proceed to apply for FDA certification. In the future, it will become a high-quality global bio-enzyme API cooperation platform, and will explore and seize new opportunities with more partners in this era of rapid global pharmaceutical growth.

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Sichuan Deebio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a world-advanced expert in the R&D and production of biological enzymes. With unique bio-enzyme production technology of high activity, high purity and high stability, it offers products covering more than ten varieties, including Pancreatin, Kallidinogenase, Elastase, Trypsin-Chymotrypsin, etc.

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